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2B Overview of Circus Week 🎪

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What an eventful week! Mr Carter and I couldn’t be more proud of the challenges and achievement 2Blue have conkered and achieved this year. To end our year we have been taking part in some fantastic activities during Circus week. Can you comment by describing your favourite activity/moment and why?

6 thoughts on “2B Overview of Circus Week 🎪

  1. That was a good time in the circus because it was funny and made me laugh.And I had a fantastic time playing with the obstacles!I enjoyed throwing the hoop in the net because we played it in swimming and I also enjoyed that to!!!

  2. I enjoyed playing the target throwing the most because we played on the net in swimming . I also loved juggling with bean bags and balls . I even loved the circus show because it was amazing funny , outstanding . My favourite part was when he put a tennis racquet through Ruby and himself . Thank you miss Frankish . Your the best head teacher on earth.

  3. I loved circus Week. I enjoyed doing my circus skills on week…4? I can’t remember! I also enjoyed the ribbon 🎀 dancing. (That was my FAVOURITE!!!)

  4. This week has been amazing! The things I learnt are how to make 3D circus tents,how to make a clown faces and how to colourer in neatly and quietly and fanks mr carter and miss Harrison-Brandon for making they’d butiful blogs.

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