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6 White’s day in court!

Today 6 White had a fantastic visit from some local magistrates. We learned all about the British legal system, discussed suitable sentences for crimes and thought about the age of responsibility. Most exciting of all however, was our trial of Jamie West (played excellently by Hassan), who was accused of stealing a Nintendo DS from Charlie Housemove. Here are some of the photos from the trial:


6 White in the courtroom                                           Court reporters ready for important details


Witnesses ready to be called to the stand.                Prosecutor Alisha examining a witness.


Defence Lawyer Maleeha fights back…                     But in the end, the verdict came – GUILTY!

It was such a fantastic morning and you all worked superbly throughout.

Did you enjoy the morning?

What was your favourite part?

4 thoughts on “6 White’s day in court!

  1. It was a great morning and we all learnt about rules,punishments,who is in the court,lawyers and lots more things.The best part was all the acting .It was really funny,serious,and interesting speeches.I really enjoyed it.It was soo interesting with all the lawyers,witness,victim,police,old lady and the person who stole it (who was found GUILTY…).

  2. I enjoyed this morning! It was fascinating to here about the man who had a tagger on a fake leg. It was enjoyable doing the pictures sequening as we learnt more about vandilisam. However my favouriate bit has to be in the court room! Arguing/having a debate with the prosecuter Alisha (WHO I ACTUALLY AGREED WITH) was fun because when Edna, actually Safa but older version , everybody ended up laughing when she siad “speak up a little, I’m a little death”. It was a great experiance fun, memorable and enjoyable.


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