Broad Heath Radio

Here is a selection of Podcasts from Broad Heath

The Broad Heath Choir having a practice session.


Year 2 were learning carols for Christmas time.


Year 2 are learning to respond to music with different actions.

Year 6 Red composed a piece of music using Ipads.

Here is the 5M podcast.

This is a composition based on a jungle scene created by 1H. The children represented the elephant with a big slow sound, the lion with a low angry sound and the money with a high repetitive sound.

This is a super Broad Heath rap created by Omayah and Omar from 3S.

Here is the 4R podcast.

Here is the nursery podcast.

Here is the 1RK podcast.

3J have been learning their times tables.  Here is a song that they have been using to help them learn.

Here is the spring 2 week 1 podcast from 2C.

1H learned all bout money during a week 6 project week.  We were given a budget and challenge to make some money through a cake sale.  We planned cake flavours, found instructions and made cakes.  Did you have one?