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Drayton Manor – Year 6

As you all know, it is our trip to Drayton Manor next Thursday (25th May). Several children and parents have spoken to us about this trip and whether this will still be going ahead. We have discussed this with senior leaders and we feel we should not cancel this trip.

We believe the incident that happened last week was a tragedy and our thoughts go out to the child’s family.

We have spoken to the year 6 children and strongly believe that if the correct safety points are followed by the children and staff, incidents like this will not happen. The school staff will strive to ensure children are safe and aware of safety protocol at all times. 

There are many things to do at Drayton Manor such as: rides, a small zoo, several parks, mini play areas, picnic areas etc. If your child wishes not to go on any rides, there will be lots of things to do instead.

Please find a link to all of the rides at Drayton Manor. This has more information about safety etc.

The children have worked hard towards their SATs and this is a good opportunity to celebrate this feat.

Should you have any concerns or issues with this trip, please come to school and see me in the next several days.

We also require adults for this trip. We have had several adults come and see us to support but we still have several places left on the coach. Please see your your child’s teacher ASAP to let them know if you can support us for this trip.

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  1. I support the above 100% and as a school keeping the children in our care is a priority. We have done numerous risk assessments and I can say whole heartedly that we have asked every question possible of Drayton Manor about safety and provision.
    Have fun children BUT FOLLOWING RULES and GUIDANCE is a MUST!

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