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Message of Hope

Last week we had American visitors in school. What message do they need to send to Donald Trump, about the kind of school, Broad Heath is?

Think about:

Our mission statement

Our Values

How we are all different yet work in unity.


You may also have other things you may wish to say and add.

84 thoughts on “Message of Hope

  1. Broad Heath is the best place I’ll ever be . We also have great talents don’t we?
    Everyday I think to my self I need to gain more for my teachers and friends. I think everybody has got our statement “to gain!”. No matter what skin colour got if it is: pink, black,white or brown. That dose not mean we can’t treat them like we treat like our best friends or our teachers .we got our own special education. And that’s what makes us special.
    Alesha Ahmed. 6White.πŸ˜€ TO GAIN!

  2. The people should tell Donald Trump:
    Education is one of the most important things in life ,which will stay with you for generations to come however, money doesn’t mean much because soon, your money will run out and it will no longer bee there. You might be the president, but you are not a god or king. God created us and we are all equal in his/her eyes. I believe you shouldn’t consider yourself better then the Mexicans , even if you have more power. You consider immagrants bad but I say that Christopher coulombs found America and if you observe your family tree, I wouldn be supprised if your great great grandad was an immagrant and came to America . Our knowledge will take us far in life , and maybe even further then you. Maybe one day we could become multi-millionaires as well. You are no one to force Mexicans to pay for something that they don’t even agree should be there. Knowledge is better having then money and broad Heaths mission statement is to gain. Maybe you should gain a bit of knowledge from the Americans and Mexicans as well . No matter what people look like or what they own(skin coulour, plump or skinny , religion ,ethnic backround rich or poor etc) we should treat others with kindness and respect . I am slightly darker then Cristians but I give them respect and I recive respect despite my skin coulour and looks. If you give your country hatred, you will recive hatred. We are all equal in gods eyes and if we believe ,we will achieve. Tracey chapman used to be a homeless person which sang songs on the street for money , but she was determined not to give up on her dreams . Now she sung the song fast car and is a famous singer. I am saying that God believes we are all equal and if we believe,we can achieve and succeed .

  3. I think they should tell Donald Trump that we re good school and we are kind to
    Everyone and we don’t judge them about there skin colour or there religion
    And Broad Heath is full of wonderful children and bright students

  4. Broad Heath is a great school as all the children have great respect for one another and they treat everyone respectfully.The children make up broad Heath and because the children act good it makes broad Heath look good.We should send a message to Donald trump saying even if we are different in many ways we are all humans and we should respect all cultures and races in the world 🌎.People may have different skin colours,different beliefs but it doesn’t change that we are all human and we should respect each other.Another message that could be sent to Donald trump and relates to my last message Is that it doesn’t matter if you have more power or money or more valuables it matters about the respect you give and what you are given back.Someone could be rich and powerful but they are cruel and quite selfish and there is someone who is ordinary and respects and looks at everyone equally, people will think of the second person of someone who is more positive and people will respect him back but the first person may get rudeness back and could be pretty lonley.

  5. Broad Heath is an amazing school it gives kids mental education and physical with the help of lots of experiments and even a swimming pool .Broad Heath make learning for ALL genders,races and religions so THERE broad Heath takes everyone who they think deserve the best education so they say yes to everybody because everyone deserves an education so tthhhhhpppp😝😎

  6. Broad Heath is a school that work as a team.No matter what religion we are we are kind to one other.Start to end we are going to gain.Though our life.What skin colour we are going that each one of us special.

  7. We should say that this school is the best because of the behaviour and the respect. we do everything to the best of our ability. We also respect people who are not the same. We all should be proud of who we are because we are team.

  8. I think people at Broadheath are amazing and excellent because at my journey at Broadheath no one is racist no one judges and Donald trump should have the same school as us because maybe there there is not more amazing school there as us

  9. Broad Heath is a great school full of different people which makes us all feel special. It dosent matter if we are a different race we all are humans and we dont judge people because they are different .

  10. I BROAD HEATH SCHOL is the best school ever. Because we respect evry one in this school. It dosen’t matter what akin you are de are acepting evry one.

  11. I think Broad Heath Primary School is a wonderful school because of it’s facilities, teachers and other pupils; we have oustanding grades as well. When the American visitors visited our school, I think that they should send a message to Donald Trump saying that he should make peace with every one else he is currently fighting because no one on this Earth is different. Even though we have a few different skin colours, different religions and languages, we should always respect each other and not be racist because we were all born on this very planet.

  12. In my opinion,is that even if we’re are different in lots of ways still we should except every one for who they and what they believe in also our mission statement is ‘to gain’ so they should tell Donald Trump that Broad Heath is a wonderful school and we try our best ro achieve our goals every day.

  13. Broad Heath is a multi-racial school which accepts everyone no matter if they are black, white or stripy. In this school, I feel secure, there is no violence, critism or racism, everyone tries hard to achieve the mission statement “TO GAIN”. The things that make this school unique is that even if we try our pre-eminent and collapse dreadfully, the affectionate and loving teachers will come and help us. This is the message that the American visitors should tell Donald Trump.

  14. Broad Heath is exceptional school with pupil from all culture and religion. This makes our school very unique. We have great supportive teachers who are so loving and caring. Our mission statement is β€˜To Gain’ and we all gain from each other every day. We are school which is proud to have equality in diversity. I am so fortunate to study in Broad Heath School.

  15. Broad Heath school is a multi-cultural school that has kept it’s mission statement “TO GAIN” I feel that in this school I can easily confirm I am safe.
    Donald Trump,I think that it’s pretty ironic that you have parents and grandparents and great grandparents and so on that we’re not from here but you still ban the Mexicans? Why is that,is it because of their culture or their race???But that is not in my hands and I wish for equality.
    At Broad Heath NOTHING AND NO ONE WILL DETER OUR GAINING!!! But in this school:
    We don’t need to criticise other people for what they are

    We are multi cultural meaning anyone and everyone is equal

    But in your eyes,you are more equal than others.I am mixed skin colour or according to the one drop rule,black,and I am Somali/Irish/English,and I am proud of who I am even if I am not rich,famous or as powerful as you or the queen or others,but I am A BROAD HEATH CITIZEN and that’s what matters to me!!

    Thank you

    • Lowesha, laughter lightens the mood. It is important that we laugh, Amalie and enjoy. That happens because children like you create happiness.

  16. Broad Heath is an extraordinary school, where children are full of enthusiasm and inspiration. Our mission statement is ‘To Gain’ and we fulfill this every day. Here every child has great talent and are different, but no matter what race and religion we are, we work as a team and respect each other.

  17. Broad heath is a very talented School and we share it with everyone.We celebrate everyones achievments together. We work together even though we are different.If you think carefully, we are human meaning we are equal.Our differences make us unique.

  18. The message that the American visitors or should to Donald trump is that in our school we believe in equality. No matter what background, skin colour or religion at broad Heath we respect each other no matter what. Therefore that is why I believe that the American visitors should tell Donald trump he should start acting the sam way.

  19. The message that the American ist or should to Donald trump is that in our school we believe in equality. No matter what background, skin colour or religion at broad Heath we respect each other no matter what. Therefore that is why I believe that the American visitors should tell Donald trump he should start acting the sam way.

  20. The message the american visitors must send is firstly our mission statement ” To Gain ” this will hopefully make Donald trump understand that at Broadheath primary school we all think we can gain , so he should think that all americans can gain whatever religion.

  21. I think they should say to Trump that even though we are different we still except everyone.
    Racism is not about hurtful words,bruised feelings or political correctness.Racism is about the power to treat entire groups of people as something less than human-for the benefit of that power.

  22. The visitors should tell Donald Trump from me that at Broad Heath, our mission statement is ” To Gain “, and at Broad Heath – no matter if we’re a sikh, hindu, muslim, non-believer, rich or poor etc – we all gain tools more powerful than any in all of your armies. We gain knowledge and manners. Knowledge is an extremely important tool that will help us get a job in the future and perhaps make us multi-millionaires like you, but respect is the most important tool of all. Sit still and imagine a world without respect. If people did not respect their bosses at work, they would not be employed and they would not be able to earn a living. If bosses did not respect their employees, they would all quit and the business will fail – no matter how good the idea is. If immigrants were not allowed in different countries, you wouldn’t be in America yourself. All you need to do is go back a few generations and you’ll find that your parents, or even their parents may not have been born in America. I was born in England, but I’m proud to say that I’m Indian. I have grown up at Broad heath and my favourite part about it is that our school is multi-cultural and everyone is considered equal in our head-teacher Mrs Frankish’s eyes, despite gender , skin colour or ethnic background and I suggest that you consider the Mexicans equal to yourself as we all are in God’s and Mrs Frankish’s eyes.

    • Mia, this has made me cry. It proves that you are a thoughtful, caring girl. Our job at BH is nearly over but feel proud that we have equipped you with the skills to be equal to anyone. Walk tall and be proud!

  23. Broad Heath is a school full of talents and wonder. All the pupils try their best. In Broad Heath we all have something in common and we all want ‘To Gain’. We may be all different, but that’s what makes us a brilliant and a creative team. We all have different talents, they may not be the same but we are all amazing in different ways. We ALL follow the same school rules. Broad Heath isn’t just learning, its full of energy and happiness.

    • Love the last line, because we want happy BH citizens who will contribute positively to life and the British society. It is a pleasure Ann knowing you will do this.

  24. I decided to create a poem :

    In Broad Heath no one’s a fool
    We don’t have to act cool
    To be accepted
    We are multi-cultural
    Unlike Trump’s regime
    They should look at our school
    And see how people can work in harmony
    And then decide
    Is it better to accept others or not
    You may think it’s clear to see
    If you are like me
    I accept every race
    No matter which place
    They may come from
    This is MY opinion and mine ALONE everybody else may have different opinions.

  25. The visitors should tell Donald Trump that BH is an outstanding school. We have teachers that help us whenever we need them. The equipment is great and supports us in many subjects. And we gain every day!

  26. Broad Heath is a fabulous school with great talent.Our statement is “To Gain” and we always be kind to each other and respect each others religion.

  27. Broadheath is a school full of inspiration and we all work hard and gain from each other,as our mission statement is to gain.Everyone is different which makes our school have great talents.Everyone is treated with respect and is unique as we all listen and care for one another.

  28. Broad Heath is a thoughtful and caring school and we lead by example.How many other schools have their own swimming pool,science pod and more?The American teachers should tell the President of United States Donald Trump that England and more importantly Broad Heath is the best school there is and the best there ever will be and they should follow how we treat everyone equally and fairly and we gains in this school.Everyone is different in this school and this makes our school stand out,no matter what skin colour,country,religion you come from we treat everyone with kindness and respect.Also,everyone has strengths and weakenesses and we can all learn from each other.

  29. Broad Heath school is a very special and educational school since every single pupil has a special talent or characteristic. But what’s really unique about Broad Heath is that no matter how different the children are(in religion, race, skin colour or culture) we all follow the same mission statement:”To gain”. In this school, we work and produce masterpieces(whether in art, literacy, maths or other subjects)as every pupil works as a team, respecting, caring, listening and helping each other. Also everybody in our school gets on. This is because of our fantastic teachers, great learning environment and our academic resources. Because of all the hard work and effort teachers/children have put in, Broad Heath growing better and bigger.
    This school is full of great, special and unique qualities.
    Thank you,

  30. I just want to let that cruel , heartful Trump that BH is the best school in the world. We have such a great headteacher ( Mrs Frankish ) that gives us treats if we are doing well and is making sure all of the BH citizens are doing well . We don’t care what skin colour people are , you just show respect.

    I am saying this because it was a dream of mine going to America since , I was a little girl but now I can’t go because of the law Trump has made.

    • Alishba, we fight injustice and challenge. We don’t use cruelty or fighting others physically but use the power of the word. We have taught you to think for yourself, be fair and ensure religious beliefs aren’t a barrier to success! One day , you will visit America.Just believe.

  31. I think Broad Heath is a excellent school because it is educational and fair.Everybody gains from this school even if your new.Also Donald Trump should see how educational and fun Broad Heath is.No matter what skin colour you are you are a Broad Heath Citizen.We just follow one thing to Broad Heath it is to GAIN. When I started to come to Broad Heath I felt uncomfortable but now I feel comfortable and happy.I hope other people come to Broad Heath now.And Mrs Frankish payed a lot of money of trips ,swimming pool,year 6 prom and THANK YOU Mrs Frankish

  32. Broad Heath School is a very talented school full of wonderful teachers and determined students.We all have one thing in common which is we all want “To Gain”.No matter we have different skin colour or different religions we work as a team.That is what makes us special.

  33. Broad Heath is an excellent school with pupils that all have talents. They might be the same or not. It does not matter. However our mission statement is ‘to gain’ so everybody will do that to make everybody a Broad Heath Citizen.

  34. Broad Heath is a brilliant school of wonderful talents by children’s and teachers. We always make sure that we met are mission statement ‘To Gain’. Everyone is different in are school and that is what makes us special. Broad heath is unique school where everyone is treated equally.

  35. Donald Trump should be told that Broadheath Primary school
    is unique, as every pupil is not just judged by their opinions,beliefs,religions and race. He should also be told that we always work as a team and that we always apply to our important
    mission statement (to gain) which shows a sign of respect for us as a school.

    In Broadheath Primary school we all have special qualities whether
    it is Maths,Science,Literacy,IT Technology,PE,Music or ART.
    Everybody enjoys or finds themselves more capable at one of these subjects.

  36. They should tell Donald Trump that our school is wonderful and full of many characteristics and talents.We may all be different but that is what makes us a great team.We all work together and we follow the same mission statement (To gain)

  37. Broad Heath school is a place of great talents, children and teacher. In every way possible I’m sure they have met there mission statement:”To gain”. Everyone is different and that is what makes this school so special;no matter where you are born, your skin colour or your religion we all have our differences and that’s what makes us special.

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