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Muhammad’s Multiplication Mystery

Hi Year 3, I have a problem for you. Do you think you can solve this challenge?

If you need some help, Muhammad is here to show you one way in which it can be done. Great work Muhammad!



Would it still work if we swapped some of the numbers around? Why?

Can you find another way of solving this problem?

12 thoughts on “Muhammad’s Multiplication Mystery

  1. Good 😊 work muhammad,I like how you got that brain working in your head!

    So let me see if you can swap the numbers around?Hmmm…?No! You can’t
    swap them around because it will be wrong and you won’t have them skills again!!!

    Actually I don’t know if you can solve it the other way! Wait let me see the
    video! Sorry 😐 you told me not to but you said that’s daft! Well I’m daft😆😂
    Well let me see wait…Ok it was just short but I know now!

    So how to make 24 you can do the 4 times table so what makes 24 well let me tell you! 6×4=24 makes 24,see I’m learning my times table,well it’s easy!

    And how to make 8 you do the same again! What???,well lets do this!
    2×4=8 makes 8 yay! Hopefully I will get 20/20 in my times table!

    And now for the last one ☝️ Wich is 50,well this is a different time table!
    So how to make 50 the question is 5×10=50 oh ya! I’m learning so much, well
    I should learn 💯 and 1000! Well guys I hope you in joined my 😜 crazy weird
    Comment !!! And I have one more question? I’m weird and crazy!

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