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8 thoughts on “We will miss you from 2Blue

  1. I will miss all of them they were great friends and I hope they can come back and visit, the same which the teachers and I wish that miss mckeown good luck for becoming a teache also to Mrs street good luck hope you get along good whith your baby.

  2. I hope Lisa,kaushik and hamza will come back.
    But the most weird thing is that I thought Lisa was going to stay at her holiday for 10 weeks because she didn’t say that she was going to leave Broadheath.But I wish they could of took me to their holiday. I am so jealous that I wish that I could come with them . Mr Carter and miss HB,I wish you could be with me forever. Thank you for all your support and thanks for loving teaching us.And thank you Miss Frankish for working hard for the hole school, I will see you in September

  3. I am so unhappy about this becuace I will not see them on toy day . I wish everyone good luck for next year . Koushik thank you for working with the whole class . Hamza K you are the best . Lisa hope you are safe at Africa.

    I loved the way you all treated me .

    To the teachers I will miss you so much. xxx

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