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Year 2- Circus week SOLE

Some Year 2 children were set the big question:

‘Should animals be used in the circus?’

They worked as a group to research and discuss their findings. They have collated reasons for and against using animals in the circus. They created an Imovie to share the information the have found.

Year 2-

Do you think animals should be used in the circus?

Give me 2 reasons for and 2 reasons against using them.

5 thoughts on “Year 2- Circus week SOLE

  1. I think we shouldn’t have animals in the circus.
    We shouldn’t have animals in the circus because they get wacked hard with a tight rope.
    I think we should have animals in the circus because people want to see how animals are talented.

  2. Animals Shouldn’t be in the circus because they run away from the circus and kill people.So that’s why the people kill the Animals

  3. No animals should not be used in the circus because it might kill them and people might get hurt.They should be in a circus because people can see there favourite animals and it’s really entertaining the people.

  4. Animals should not be in the circus because of the people that hurt you
    Or they should be used for rings of fire πŸ”₯ or it may look πŸ‘€ interesting

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