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Year 2 How islands are formed


Are most islands small or large?

What is the name of the island which broke away from Africa?

How can people travel to small islands?


What is an island?

How do plants start to grow on new islands?


How do volcanoes grow bigger?

How were some islands cut off from large continents?

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  1. Bronze
    1)Some Islands are big others are small.
    2)Madagascar broke away from Africa.

    1)An Island is a piece of land surrounded by water.
    2)Seeds are blown onto the new island .

  2. GOLD:-
    When a volcano erupts, hot lava comes out and it turns into a pile. This way the volcano gets bigger.
    The river levels gets higher.

  3. 1. The answer was they were massive.
    2. Madgascar
    3. They walk on the bridge.

    1. An island is a piece of land surrounded by water.
    2. With water.

    1. They grow until the surface .

  4. Bronze
    Some are large.
    it’s name is Madagascar.
    They travel by boat to different places.

    An island 🌴 is an place that is small .
    Plants grow bacause it is hot there and it rains there sometimes every day.

    Volcanoes πŸŒ‹ grow bigger because the sea grown them.

  5. Bronze
    1.Some islands are big.
    3.They walk on the bridge.

    1.An island is a piece surrounded by water.
    2.With water.

    1.They grow until the surface.

  6. A Island is like a tropical island

    The Volcano is growing bigger of the Earth’s upper mantle Works

    The trees are growing from Seeds and the sun

    Because the island is sourounnded by the Water


    [1] An island a small land surrounded with water and 50 million years a go an island broke from Africa and now known as Madagascar.
    [2] seeds get blown.


    Because when the lava erupt then the lava makes it bigger.
    They broke of because the water kept on rising and rising.

  8. Bronze
    There are small ones.
    In boats.

    Is a land srounded by water.
    Seeds go in the water and when the water goes in and out the seed goes on land it grows

  9. Bronze:
    1) It is large and most is small.
    2) The Island that broke from Africa is called Madagascar .
    3) They travel using a boat.

    1) An Island is a land surrounded by water.
    2) Seeds are blown on the new island and they start to grow in the sand.
    1) They surround hot lava.
    2) The water gets higher.

  10. Bronze
    Madagascar πŸ‡§πŸ‡«
    By using a boat.πŸ›³
    A island is where animals 🐯live and plantsπŸ€and a island is small.
    The blow to different places.
    By rising more hot lava.πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
    By Iqra and Alexis

  11. Bronze
    Most islands are large and small I’d say.
    The small peice that was cut of from Africa was call Madagascar.
    They could use a boat.

    An island is a peice of land surrounded by sea/water
    Most of them fly of by the wind and the seed goes to the sea and that’s how it grows.

    Volcanos grow by loads of fire come out.
    Because the were too big

  12. BRONZE-:
    Islands ares small and big islands.
    The island broke in Africa Maori.
    They travel in boats.
    islands is as small are and peapol live there.
    They grow naturally.

  13. (Bronze)
    1.I think most are big.
    2.50 million years ago a huge piece in Africa broke.
    3.People can travel to island by using places at the airport.
    4.A island is a land surrounded by water.
    5.plants start to grow slowly when you when the sun rain seed and water.
    From Arina and Abdullah Ansar.

  14. Bronze
    The one island that broke was Madagascar .
    Most islands are huge and some are small.
    An island is a big country that is souranded by water.
    Flowers grow by things that grow quickly.
    Volcanoes grow by the strong water and how the hot larva comes out.
    The islands are the most biggest areas in the world

  15. Bronze some islands 🌴 are small and big.
    Papua new guinu.
    By useing a boat.
    An island is a land sranded by water πŸ’§
    When you put a seed on an island 🌴 it will grow
    First the Volcanoe is small then it get bigger
    By Ali and sammi

  16. Bronze
    1. Most islands are small.
    2. Madagascar
    3. On a boat 🚀
    1. A island is a place sroanded by water
    2.with rain and water
    1.volcanos grow bigger when the lava comes out.
    2. Only one Madagascar.
    Zain and ouzair

  17. Bronze
    There are short and big islands 🌴
    The island that broke is Maori
    People can travel in a boat 🚀
    An island 🌴 is a tropical 🏝 place
    There are lots of rain 🌧 that grows the plants 🌱
    Volcanoes grow from lava and rock and water πŸ’¦
    The islands 🌴 continents are cut by water

  18. Silver

    A island is a place where people live and country’s like the uk New York is a island.
    They can grow because there are rainstorms and rainstorms it is summer.

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