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Year 3 PSHE – Communities

Year 3 PSHE:

To understand that there are different communities around the world.

The children in Year 3 are studying communities this half term. They have already explored what a community is, discussed our own roles in different communities, and linked this to their local area of Foleshill. This week, we have widened our search for communities, and examined the role of the United Nations. The United Nations was formed after the end of the Second World War, to unite world leaders and ensure that we live in a peaceful and fair world. The children were then given the task of forming their own governing community as a team, and thought about how they could create an ‘agreement’ for teachers to follow at Broad Heath! The results were very interesting! I would now like the children to share their own individual thoughts about this, and put forward an agreement of their own, that they think is fair for teaching staff to follow.

Creating an agreement

Write a list of agreements that you would like your teachers to follow, thinking about:

How could teachers treat property?

How could they appear when they come to school?

How could they talk to one another?

How could they show respect?

How could they treat pupils fairly?

When you have created your agreement, thinking about respect and fairness, think about the following questions:

Do you think all teachers would be prepared to follow your agreement?

What would happen if the agreement was not followed?

Remember that settling on an agreement is just the first step! The UN faces similar problems. It is very tricky to get all countries to agree and act upon the agreements they are given!

10 thoughts on “Year 3 PSHE – Communities

  1. 1.very nice and keep it clean
    2.very smart ,in uniform and clean
    3.they should be nice and kind when talking
    4.have manners and be kind. to do the same things and wear the same things.
    6.yes I think they will.
    7.they may not look good and won’t be kind.

  2. 1.Teachers can teach property’s by helping us and they are fantastic and good
    enough to teach us like maths,topic,English all those things that they help us with!
    But with one thing is easy and do a little work is basic skills,so it said skills on the book! We have to have them skills!We respect for them and behave your self!

    2.Teachers don’t matter if they wear different clothes because there an adult.And we wear the school uniform,it’s important to wear a school uniform cause of
    there badge!Headteacher always tell us to have a school badge on!!!

    3.We talk to another to be kind and be best broad Heath citizenship to be best
    friends!That shows kindness.Talk with other people to make more friends for
    yourself!And I’m kind because I make friends with other people but expect from
    other people.

    4.We show respect and we are trying are best for a citizen of the week prize!
    600people in are school is ready to respect and be nice together!

    5.We can treat people by making other kindness and show them how to be treated well as a school broad Heath citizen!Everybody thinks they will get so much happy for having friends like that!


  3. 1. The teachers should treat property in respect and should keep the schools resources tidy , clean and safe.
    2. They should come into school with a happy and friendly appearance and should come with a smart uniform .
    3. They should talk with respect , eye contact ( to show your understanding ) and good facial expression / good body language.
    4. They should understand each other , help each other and accept each other’s ideas and suggestions.
    5. They should support children regardless age, colour, religion, gender, and race.

    Yes, I think all teachers in the school would accept and follow the agreement because they would agree with the points above and are ready to do them.

    If the agreement was not followed I would report to the head teacher who may advise me to do changes in the agreement.

  4. 1. Teachers should put our property in excellent condition and the condition it was when you first touch it. You need to be careful with property because if a teacher broke a property it would be their fault for not caring for it and it would be their responsibility because they were the only one using it.

    2. I think teachers could choose if they wanted to wear uniform or come dressed how they want to, but if I had a choise I would say uniform because they will look more smarter even though they were smart with there own clothes.

    3. I think they should say appropriate words that children would use, not inappropriate language. But if they were talking about how they were going to do the lesson they could use there own grown up language.

    4. They could show respect by if someone got stuck on a tricky question in maybe their SATS they could show how to do it but not telling the answer. Also by shouting so loud because sometimes people get scared but not all people.

    5. They could treat pupils fairly by like if the children thought their work was too hard they could give them some easier work instead of the work they were doing.

    Exc: I won’t think they will be prepared for my agreement.
    If they don’t follow that won’t be showing respect so I would be a little bit unhappy.

  5. They could give us the things to have a little touch
    With a uniform
    By being respectful
    By showing the care they need
    Then allow it

  6. Teachers could treat property by keeping the property safe and making sure that the children don’t break the equipment.

    They could come to school at certain times but children come at a different time.

    People could talk to one another by speaking respectfully without swearing

  7. 1.How could teachers treat property?
    They could treat property by using it when they need to.
    They could treat property by using it to teach the pupils.
    They could treat property by using it and putting it back in the place they got it from so it will not be lost because the teacher might need to use it again.

    2.How could they appear when they come to school?
    They could appear at school by coming on the right time.
    They could appear at school by coming early so they can finish any marking from yesterday which they didn’t finish.
    They could appear at school by coming on the time their students come so the are ready to teach their pupils.

  8. Teachers could treat property by not rushing with stuff
    Another way is they have to hold the item properly
    They have to get what They are given and don’t be mad at it
    They could appear like nicely and say hello every body how are you doing today
    Another way is to be polite to other people who you don’t know if you are only in a new school

  9. Q1. Teachers could treat properties by having good behaviour and keeping things clean to respect their property .

    Q2.They could come at certain times and on time but children would have to come on time .

    Q3. They could talk to one and another at lunch ,break and at lunch times.

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