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4 thoughts on “Year 3 Reading Challenge!

  1. Gold
    How do you do a interview?
    What do you do in a interview?
    How does a interview work?
    What does a interview look like?
    Where do you do a interview ?

  2. Silver

    Dear diary ,
    Today I went to my class I felt terrified,scared because of my horrid teacher 👩‍🏫 called miss agatha Trunnchbuull.l Matilda was terrified with fear .

    What’s it like to be a interview?
    Why do you do interviewing?
    What do you do ?
    What do you write about?

  3. Bronze
    Desperate- someone who realy wants to do something.
    Anxious- when you fell angry and mad.
    I would fell in the story happy,emmbarased and jealous because the girl in the story has to bake a cake but her dad can’t do it so the dad went on the TV show called desperate to cook and he had to bake a cake and he done it wrong so he couldn’t win the competition but they did win it because they were on TV. I was jealous because there is another girl called soina and her mum was good at baking cakes so she was saying I would win the competition so I was jealous at that part .

    1.what is it like to be at a interview?
    2.what stuff do you mostly talk common about in a interview?
    3.what do you do at a interview?
    4. What’s your favourite thing about a interview?
    5.why do you go to a interview?

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