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Year 4 English Homework Week 4

You have been working on your own fantasy story for the whole week. Now you need to bring it all together and write your own fantasy story.

Write this in your homework books please.

Think about your characters: what do they look like, what is their personality like and how do they feel in different parts.

Think about your setting, what can your character: hear, see, smell, taste, feel?

Make sure your story is in chronological order. To help with this, you need 5 paragraphs:

  • Opening
  • Build-up
  • Dilemma/problem
  • Resolution
  • Ending

We will be looking for:

  • Fronted adverbials (sentence starters that tell you how, where, when and frequency),
  • Descriptive language,
  • Figurative language,
  • Dialogue,
  • Adverbs and verbs to describe the action.

Use this website to try and up-level your adverbs and adjectives:  Make sure you check the meaning of the word before you use it if you are unsure using

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