Reading Challenge

Year 4 Reading Challenge.

This term we have been reading and learning about fantasy stories. We have looked into the settings: what the worlds are like and how they are different to our own. We also looked at characters: why are they different to characters we would find in the real world.

Your challenge for Summer 1 is to creatively apply the skills you have been learning to describing a scene and writing a story.

You only need to choose one picture to focus on.

Bronze Challenge: Pick a picture and describe the setting using lots of adjectives, figurative language, adverbs and fronted adverbials.

Silver Challenge: Pick a picture and add a character to the setting. Make sure the character matches the setting.

Gold Challenge: Pick a picture and build a story around it. We want to see a clear start, middle and end. Make sure you describe the setting and the character. Build a dilemma/problem for the character to solve. Then have the character resolve the dilemma/problem.

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  1. Bronze:

    1.The elegant castle looks very welcoming as there is also a rainbow.It has a majestically blue lake with cloud-white swans in it.There is lush green grass and colourful bushes.The blue lake sparkles like one million diamonds and the castle looks fit enough for a King or Queen or as if it is owned by one. The street lamps are as bright as the sun.The sky is as blue as the ocean and the grass is as green as the tree leaves.Understandably as there is a elegant castle the pathway is neatly set out.


    1.There is a prince having his daily walk on the pathway and into the forest.Usually he comes back by lunch time.He feeds the white swans and waters the lush green grass.Honourably the prince is respected as he is very kind.


    1.One day the prince took his daily morning walk after feeding the swans. Suddenly he heard shrieking but he decided to ignore it.Then there was incredibly loud screaming so he rushed off into the forest quickly and saw a princess being kidnapped by some barbarians.Instantly he decides that hide and get his sword ‘Excalibur’ and followed the wagon the cruel, Nasty barbarians were in.As he described he did it rapidly but the wagon was faster than him.Meanwhile,the barbarians where at the camp taking the princess to the chief.Wisely, the prince decided that he would go on his trusty horse ‘wilbur’ he was a elegant white horse.When he got to the barbarians camp he took out the guards stealthily,rapidly but quietly.Without warning he got the not the chief’s tent but the chief heard him and had a sword fight.Skillfully he stabbed the barbarian but the barbarian got him in the leg.The battle lasted many hours and when it ended the barbarian chief dropped dead to the floor with the final blow. The prince said “My name is Arthur and I have come to rescue you, what is your name?The princess said “My name is Angelina.Without hesitation they went to Arthur’s castle and got married.Arthur healed after a few months.

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