Reading Challenge

Year 6 Summer 1 Reading Challenge

Hi Year 6, 

Here are your reading challenges for this half term – make sure the responses are of high quality. Look at the minimum amount for each challenge.


Your challenge will be based on your home reading book. Your task is to write a sequel to your current book. You must ensure you keep some elements the same (characters or setting) and then choose parts to change. You must: say the title of your current book and write at least 2 decent length paragraphs for your sequel. 


Read the first extract from a book called ‘Holes’ (use the link):

Year 6 Summer Reading Challenge

It is about a group of boys doing hard labour in an outdoor prison in a desert. Their punishment is to dig a hole each day.

Answer these questions

  1. What do X-Rays comments reveal about his character?

2. What can you tell about Stanley’s character?

3) Write a paragraph that could follow on from this one focusing on developing the character traits that you have identified so far. (Minimum 5 sentences)


Read both extracts from ‘Holes’ and the Nottinghamshire miners. The link has both photos.

Year 6 Summer Reading Challenge

Your challenge is to write a comparative essay on both passages to explain how dialogue in a story can a) add drama to interest the reader b) reveal character and relationships. Minimum 10 lines.

You may need to look up the meaning of some unknown words in the texts.

Write your responses on the blog. Remember to produce your best quality!

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