⭐️ RB Homework Gallery, Spring 1 Week 5! ⭐️

Hello Reception Blue! Welcome to your super home learning gallery. This is where all of your super pictures and videos will be shown! Remember your homework needs to be sent in by Wednesdays!

Maths Week 5: Create a number game

Literacy Week 5: Listen to a traditional tale and make a puppet

WOW Homework Week 5: Bake cookies/gingerbread man

Maths Week 4: Create a Dragon with 2D or 3D shapes

Literacy Week 4: Draw a Dragon and write a sentence about it

Maths Week 3: Education City

Literacy Week 3: Finding Sounds

Green Group Sound: qu, ng and nk

Blue Group Sound: qu, ng and nk

Yellow Group Sound: sh and ch

Orange Group Sound: sh and ch

Red Group Sound: green words in your reading diary (pg 6)

WOW Homework Week 3: Putting on your coat and zipping it up

Maths Week 2: Throwing and catching a ball

Pugalini caught the ball 7 times.

Kaiden caught the ball 6 times.
Iver caught the ball 14 times.

Literacy Week 2: Education City

WOW Homework Week 2: Practice dressing yourself

Maths Week 1: Tallest and Shortest

Literacy Week 1: Describe the Gruffalo

Blue and Green Group: Write a sentence describing the Gruffalo

Red/Orange and Yellow Group: Write a list of words describing the Gruffalo

WOW Week 1: Where we live


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