⭐️ RB Homework Gallery, Summer 1 Week 4! ⭐️

Welcome to your new homework gallery for Summer 1 Reception Blue! Remember to send your homework in by Wednesday each week! 🤩

Maths Week 4: Draw different sized worms, which is the longest/shortest

Literacy Week 4: Create the life cycle of a Butterfly

Wow Week 4: Create a symmetrical butterfly

Maths Week 3: Show your number bonds pictorially

Green, Blue & Yellow group: number bonds to 10

Orange & Red group: number bonds to 5

Literacy Week 3: Do some research about frogs

Green & Blue group: to write the lifecycle of a frog

Yellow & Orange group: write 3 sentences and draw a picture

Red group: write 1 sentence and draw a picture

Wow Week 3: Go on a bug hunt around your garden

Maths Week 2: Ladybird Doubles

Literacy Week 2: Write a sentence about what a plant needs to grow

Wow Homework Week 2: Draw a plant and label the parts

Maths Week 1: Making 5/10

Green&Blue Group: Show different ways to make 10

Yellow/Orange&Red Group: Show different ways to make 5

Literacy Week 1: Find words with these sounds in a book

Green&Blue Group: ar, or, air

Yellow&Orange Group: ay, ee, igh

Red Group: sh, ch

Wow Week 1: Practice fastening buttons


  1. Good morning
    Faith has send all are homework week1 and week2 this morning 3 pictures and 2 videos.
    Please don’t forget to check thanks.

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