⭐️ RRed Super Home Learning Gallery, Summer 1 Week 3. Updated 18.05.20⭐️

Hello Reception Red! It’s time for a new weekly blog to show everyone your fantastic work and all of the super home learning that you are all doing! What can I say RRed, you impress me and Mrs Dahil every single day! Keep gaining superstars, we are so proud of you! ⭐️

Sandra is busy doing some brilliant home learning!

Fantastic labelling and writing Ebun!

Ebun has been making mini-beasts out of playdough!

“Emil just made a person of blocks on his own :) He has been very creative lately with these blocks today he made a giraffe but we forgot to make a picture :)”

Fabulous letter formation and maths Eliza!

Eliza has made a wonderful mini-beast hotel and made some insects from play dough! Super work!

Minnah has done some fantastic letter formation!

Super work from Max!

Zoe’s fantastic work!

Brilliant work Alisha!

Toleen and her sister have made some Spiders!

“I have really enjoyed doing the arts and crafts today also a picture of my cress head.”

Nick’s super spider art!

Look at Eesaa’s super work!

Take a look at Eesaa’s super spider facts!

Jari has been very busy at home!

“Jari was very much interested to go back to see if the tadpoles had grown and noticed they had got slightly bigger and were not so active as it was a colder day.
We have collected all the materials for a minibeast hotel and shall finish making it tomorrow.”

“We finished making our minibeast hotel this morning, please find photos attached​. We shall give it to Jari’s Grandad to put in his garden today.”

Super spider and maths work from Ameera!

Fantastic work Ameera!

Isaiah’s super home learning!

Look at Isaiah’s super mini-beast hotel!

Faris has made a cheerio caterpillar! Doesn’t it look brilliant! He’s also made some spider art!

Wow, look at Faris in his traditional Libyan costume! You look brilliant Faris!

Faris is practising his throwing and catching with his brother!

Simeon has been super busy creating mini-beasts! They look fantastic Simeon!

Fantastic Spider Simeon!

Look at Simeon’s brilliant letter formation!

Alisha has painted her own ladybirds on stones!

Esa has made a Cheerio worm from Miss Kennell’s blog! It looks fantastic Esa!

Esa is working hard at home!

Look how much Esa’s plant has grown over a month!

“I have sent some photos of plants Jari helped repot and added sticks for the beans and peas to climb up as well as put the tomato seedlings in a hanging basket. He also had a run of doing jigsaws and helped make a courgette cake on Friday.”

Emil and his brother have been busy helping their Nan at her allotment!

Ashton has been busy on the iPad, drawing and doing some painting!

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  1. Reception Red it makes me so happy and proud when you comment on your friends learning and say well done. That shows that you are great friends and super broad heath citizens! ⭐️

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