⭐️3B Super Learners & Star Blogger⭐️- Week beginning 29.06.20

Hi 3 Blue,

Even though you have been home learning for over 3 month now, you still continue to amaze me with your dedication. The quality of working that you are sending in is still amazing, well done!

The following children have all received 2 Dojo points for accessing the blog daily and completing all 3 of the learning blogs:

Zahra, Umar, Zakariah D., Gufran, Maryam, Azaan, Zakariya K., Jasmine, Serina, Aayan, Safa, Brooke, Hasti Aisha, Faizan, Amanah, Lillie and Shaikh.


The Star Blogger for this week is Aleena. She has shown determination and resilience in order to produce some great work. Aleena will receive 5 Dojo points. Well done!


As always, all work will be added to this blog. If you would like to send any work in, the please email it to:


Zakariah D’s landmarks imovie
Zakariya K’s topic imovie
Zakariah’s message about year 3
Serina’s advice for Year 3

4 thoughts on “⭐️3B Super Learners & Star Blogger⭐️- Week beginning 29.06.20

    • Jasmine, you are completing some amazing home learning! You are also very creative. Send in a photo of your artwork so we can show all your friends on the blog!

  1. Well done Year 3, there is some super working going on. It’s so nice to see you completing your challenges and continuing with your learning. Keep up the super work and making your teachers proud. 👏🏻⭐️

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