🌟RRed’s Fantastic Home Learning Gallery, Summer 2 Week 5! Updated 03/07/20🌟

Hello my super RR! It’s time for another new home learning blog to showcase all of your super home learning! Remember to comment to your friends to show that you are a fantastic Broad Heath citizen too.

Fantastic writing Eesaa!

Brilliant drawing and writing Emil!

Superstar Toleen!

Ameera is an excellent Egyptian!

I think Eesaa’s makes a fantastic mummy!

Super Egyptian crafts Toleen!

Simeon is having fun making Egyptian jewellery!

Yusuf makes a pyramid!

Emil has been busy!

Super work everyone!

Esa has made an Egyptian picture!

Ebun has been getting creative!

Eliza as an Egyptian mummy!

Emil gets creative!

Esa’s Egyptian Mummy!

Egyptian art!

Fabulous work from DJ!

Simeon has been busy learning about Ancient Egypt!

Excellent estimating Ameera!

Super work about Ancient Egypt Toleen!

Ebun has made her doll into a mummy after learning about Ancient Egypt!

Nick has been learning about Egyptian Pharaoh’s!

Minnah has made a super mummy!

Brilliant work from Jari!

Marvellous maths from Simeon!

Jari’s super work!

Halimah has been busy!

Fantastic work Esa!

Ashton has completed some super work!

Brilliant work Toleen!

Wonderful work Max!

Lovely drawing Nick!

Tasneem’s brilliant work!

Superstar Simeon!

Fantastic work Faris!

Send your wonderful work into bhearlyyears@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk

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