03.06.20- 3R Home Learning- Entrepreneur Week: Plan a Healthy Sandwich.

Yesterday, you were learning about the eat-well plate. Today you will be building on this learning to plan your own healthy Sandwich. On Friday your learning will be to help your grown-ups to make the sandwich, so speak with your grown-ups about what sort of food you could prepare together.

Today, discuss with your grown-ups what food you could prepare together tomorrow. Here are some key questions to consider.

  • What parts of the sandwich are healthy?
  • What sections of the Eatwell plate are included in the sandwich?
  • What ingredients would you need for the sandwich?
  • What safety concerns might you need to keep in mind to stay safe when preparing the sandwich?

Think carefully of what type of bread you might want to use. Here are some ideas!

Next you need to think about your filling!

Your final decision will be if it is a hot or cold sandwich. Will it need cooking?

Create a drawing of your sandwich and include a list of the ingredients. Try and include a note about which section of the Eat-well plate each ingredient would be in.

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  1. These will be the ingredients to my sandwich:
    Bread type – brown bread (not toasted)
    Fillings – boneless cooked chicken breast, cucumber slices, tomato slices, lettuce leaves, ketchup, chips, salt, pepper seasoning and cooked tuna.
    My sandwich will not be cooked. the rest is done on paper.

    • here are were the ingredients will be on the eat well plate.
      Carbohydrates – Brown bread and chips.
      Protein – Chicken breasts and tuna pieces.
      Fruits and vegetables – cucumber slices, tomato slices and lettuce leaves.
      Oils and spreads – Ketchup.

  2. 1.the veggies part of the sandwich is most healthy.
    2.carbohidrates,veggies section, fats.
    3.we need
    4.always handle a knife really carefully.

  3. I will make a chicken sandwich

    1. Boneless chicken breast.
    2. Salt, oil and spices.
    3. Mayonaise.
    4. lettuce, cucumber, tomato and onion.
    5. Grilled fries.

    .Sections of the eat well plate:
    1. Chicken is protein.
    2. Lettuce, cucumber, onion and tomato are vegetables.
    3. Grilled fries and bread are carbohydrates.
    4. Oil is fat.
    5. Mayonaise is dairy.

    Safety concerns:
    1. Ask an adult to help you using the knife to cut the chicken.
    2. Do not use the cooker or grill without an adult.

    It is a hot sandwich. I need a cooker to cook the chicken and a grill to press the sandwich.

    I will draw a picture of my sandwich.

  4. 1. The healthy part of my sandwich which I will make are eggs and the vegetables because eggs have calcium, healthy fat and protein and vegetables have vitamins and minerals.
    2. All sections of the Eatwell plate can included in the sandwich for example, protein part, the dairy part, the vegetable part and carbohydrates.
    3. Eggs, lettuce, bread, mayonnaise, cress, tomato and butter.
    4. The safety concerns might I need to keep in mind is take care of myself when I am using the cooker and using the knife.

  5. Sandwich Plan
    List of Ingredient
    Normal white thick bread= £1.20
    Cheese= £1.30
    Cucumber= £2.00
    Lettuce= £2.40
    Tomatoes= £1.35
    Chicken= £2.20
    butter= £2.20
    The total cost= £12.65

    The name of my Sandwich is Cheese,cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes,chicken and butter sandwich.

      • I used my food chart to get all the food that is need for a balance diet.
        Next I got the price of the ingredient .
        Finally I got the cost of the ingredient by adding the pound first. £1+£1+£2+£2+£1+£2+£2=£11.
        Then the pence 20p+30p+40p+35p+20p+20p=165p =£1.65p
        Total £11+£1+65p = £12.65p

  6. Moosa Sandwich

    -Brown bread because it’s made of whole wheat, which is full of nutritional value.

    -Cheese and mayonnaise is included as my dairy ingredient.


    – Turkey breast which included so its balanced sandwich, which included ingredients from the Eatwell healthy plate.

  7. I will do the drawing after this lesson miss
    At Friday i will be making a cheese sandwich.
    List ingredients
    Tomato .

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