04.06.20- 3B Home Learning- Entrepreneur Week: Design a Logo.

Hi Year 3,

Yesterday you planned your own sandwich design. Today you are going to design a logo and create a slogan for your sandwich.

What is a logo?

What is a slogan?

Go through the power point below to help you understand what a logo and slogan is. Then think of your own logo and slogan for your sandwich.

Your task is to create your own logo and slogan for your sandwich company. You can draw it or use a computer.

37 thoughts on “04.06.20- 3B Home Learning- Entrepreneur Week: Design a Logo.

  1. logo
    logo is a graphic mark or symbol used to aid and promote public

    A slogan is a memorable short series of words for potential customers

  2. A logo can be a symbol, picture word or letter which you can use to identify a business, once it is used widely and advertised the public will associate it with your business.
    A slogan is a few words used to describe a company or business, it’s usually a catchy and memorable phrase.
    Miss I’ve done a poster and used my logo on it, I could not do exactly what I had in mind so I had to compromise.

  3. A logo is a symbol or other small design adopted by its organisation to identity its products, uniform, vehicles, etc.
    A slogan is a short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising.

  4. My logo l have designed on paper and will email to 3yupload, my slogan is “ a sandwich a day, makes you healthy and wealthy , also fills you up for the day”.

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