2W History 07.05.20 Lord Leofric

To understand Lord Leofric’s actions and what happened as a result

What can you remember about Lady Godiva and Lord Leofric?

Let’s remind ourselves of the story. Read below.

If you could talk to Lord Leofric, what would you say?

Caterpillars – I would like you to write some adjectives to describe Lord Leofric. Can you finish my sentences? Lord Leofric is ………….. Lady Godiva is …………….

Butterflies and Bees – Write a sentence to Lord Leofric explaining how you feel about paying taxes to him. Use this sentence starter and then try and write a sentence of your own. Lord Leofric, I feel it is unfair to give you all our money because ……………………

Ladybirds and Spiders – I would like you to write a short letter to Lord Leofric, explaining how you feel about paying taxes. Below is a letter I have written as an example. Use the word bank and the sentence openers below my letter to help you.

Dear Lord Leofric,

I am writing to you because I want to complain about all the taxes you are taking from the poor people who can’t afford it. How would you feel if you were made to give all of your hard earned money to a rich person?

Firsty, I do not understand why we are paying for King Canute. He is a Danish King and a very rich man. He doesn’t need our money.

Secondly, I only earn enough money to look after my own family and I don’t have any money left over to give to you. My family have to go without food if I pay you my taxes. 

Finally, I think it is about time that you listened to your kind, generous wife, Lady Godiva, who also thinks that the taxes are unfair. 

Yours sincerely

L Penavega


Challenge: Use expanded noun phrases in your letter.

24 thoughts on “2W History 07.05.20 Lord Leofric

  1. Lord Leofric was very controlling and very cruel as he expected tax from people in Coventry and this could be a sad news for them. Lord Leofric is trying to do mean things. He is not loving neither shows care for the people of Coventry this is because he does not follow the same religion as these people so he thinks he is superior. Lord Leofric is making his wife do something which she is not comfortable with and wants to embarrass her in front of the public.

    Lady Godiva is a shy person. Lady Godiva was a rich landowner and was able to lead the people of Coventry. Lady Godiva cares for the people of Coventry and she is very just in her work. Lady Godiva is generous and kind as she said people of Coventry should not pay tax. Lady Godiva was loved by the people of Coventry and they were all her favourite leader. She was not controlling and she kept all religions equal.

  2. Lord Leofric, I feel it is unfair to give you all our money because you’re taking too much of our money and we still have a little.Our lord, can you open for us a large shop for saling our furniture and in that way we can pay our taxis?By the way,you don’t spend your money or to say our money on anything , so why do you need it.You’re so selfish and gready and also l don’t think that these words are enough to describe you.

  3. Dear Lord Leofric
    I am writing to you because i live in Coventry and i am a poor man.Firstly can you stop asking for high taxes as people are poor.Secondly why are you so rude?.Can you stop being rude and cruel to everyone.Finally i would like you to be nice and kind like Lady Godiva.
    Your’s sincerly
    Ali Ansar

  4. Dear, Lord leforic
    I’m writing to you because it’s good that you stoped but you did not of money.Firstly if I asked you pay me tax how would you feel.
    Secondly you made your own wife walk naked.Finely can you think about it.
    Yours sincerely

    Kind regards
    Thank you

  5. Dear Lord Leofric,
    I am writing to you you because you have been being mean to the people of Coventry. Firstly why have you been doing all these nasty things? Secondly the people they don’t even earn enough money. Finally I think you should now listen to kind, generous, Lady Godiva.

    Yours sincerely,

  6. Dear lord lefrik.
    I have sent you this letter
    Firstly how sell fish you are.
    secondly how greedy you are.
    Thirdly what stinky attitude you have.

    • Boshy… I know you can do much better than this! You have only used simple sentences. Try to use subordination, coordination, questions, exclamations etc. Think about your writing checklist at school!

  7. Dear Lord Leofric,
    I am, writing to you because I am very angry that you are being cruel to the people of Coventry.Firstly it makes me angry that you’ve are making the poor people pay taxes when you have plenty of money yourself.Secondly the poor people don’t earn enough money.Finally how would you feel to pay taxes, i think it is time you listen to your kind and caring wife.

  8. Dear Lord Leofric
    I am ritting to you if you would have to what will you do and how about it you don’t have the right amount of money to pay the taxes and
    Firstly how would you feel ?
    Secondly poor lady gadiva is naked ridding a houres
    Finally don’t tell people to pay taxes and you should to it you tell other people to
    Your sincerly

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