1 Blue and the animals.

In science we are learning all about animals so today we had some very special visitors that came to help us with our learning. Take a look at our photographs.


Can you name the animals that we saw?

Why did Theo wash his hands?

What is the Raven’s feet made out of?
Why did we have to be very quiet?
Did you enjoy the animal’s visiting?

What was the animal called that had a stripy tail?

9 thoughts on “1 Blue and the animals.

  1. We saw millipede, snake, skunk and raccoon.
    Theo washed his hands to avoid spreading germs from the animals he had
    We were quiet because animals do not like noise
    I enjoyed the animals visiting
    Raccoon had a stripy tail.

  2. Theo washed his hands because he was going to touch the animal
    We had to be quiet because the animals would get scared
    I loved seeing the animals
    The Raccoon had a stripy tail :) ;)

    • Well done Salman with your answers. Theo washed his hands because he had touched an animal and didn’t want to spread any germs. Do you remember, we cleaned our hands between touching different animals and then made sure we washed them well after we left the studio?

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