1 Blue – Art Week

The children in 1 Blue have been working hard during Art Week. They have been enjoying learning about the artists Chris Ofili and Graham Sutherland. 

We have been developing our art skills and learning new painting techniques.

Developing observational skills.

Exploring shades of colour.

What happens to the shade when you add white to a colour?

What happens to the shade when you add black to a colour?

Developing painting techniques.

Can you remember the technical language to describe the different painting techniques that you used?

12 thoughts on “1 Blue – Art Week

  1. When you add white colour the shades get lighter and when you add black colour the shades get darker. The technical language is dabbing, stroking,splodging.

  2. When you add white to a colour the shade gets lighter. When you add black the shade gets darker. The techniques we used We re stroking, dabbing, splodging

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