1 Blue-British Values 2017 Day 1

What a wonderfully exciting start to the week. British Values were high on the agenda and Deputy Lieutenant George Marsh was just one of the most perfect visitors (alongside the Governors) that we could have hoped for. [ads_color_box color_background=”#d43131″ color_text=”#424242″] Such a dashing uniform and a personality to match![/ads_color_box]

What do you remember the most about Day 1?

20 thoughts on “1 Blue-British Values 2017 Day 1

  1. Wow 1 Blue what a great way to explore the theme of courage. I look forward to seeing and hearing all about the learning you have done so far! 😊

  2. I remember singing the national anthem outside in the muga and we seen the lieutenant Marshal with a sword and a ceremonial outfit.

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  3. I learnt about respect and I helped make the picture of Paddington bear. We went out to the Muga and sang the national anthem.

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  4. The best part about British Values week was when we went onto the Muga to see the Queens man and we sang the National Anthem.

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