21 thoughts on “1 Blue- British Values Week 2017 Days 4 and 5

  1. I liked making a flag and a medal. I enjoyed making Paddington with Chalk in the playground and I enjoyed making the marmalade sandwiches. I enjoyed making the passport and I enjoyed everything.

  2. I loved making the flowers. We scrunched up the paper and make Paddington bears suitcase. I liked how Paddington bear looked like when we finished it.

  3. We made lovely flowers with paper for our vases. We learnt about courage. I loved wearing the medals and decorating the British flags.
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  4. We made clowns for the circus show today. Paddington bear was so cute and funny. He was so brave. I liked Paddington because he was silly.

  5. I liked making the tulips and learning about respect and courage. Courage means when you scared to do something you still try it.

  6. We had a lovely week about British Values, because we made British flags that had white, red and blue colours. We watched a video about Paddington Bear in British Values. We should be brave, which is courage. Paddington was having courage, because he was not scared off something. He was always brave.
    Paddington Bear came from another country to London. When Paddington Bear goes somewhere he carries marmalade in his hat everywhere. If there is something scary then he eats it.
    I enjoyed the marmalade sandwich, because I made it myself.

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