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1 Blue – Plant Detectives

This half term in Science we are learning all about Plants. We have been learning about what a plant needs to grow.


In 1 Blue we have set up an experiment to see whether cress seeds will grow as well in the dark as those that are exposed to light. 


1. What do you think will happen to the seeds?

2. Do you think they will grow the same? Why?

3. What do plants need to grow healthy?


7 thoughts on “1 Blue – Plant Detectives

  1. 1. I think the seeds will grow beautiful.
    2. Yes I think they will grow the same because the seeds were put in together.
    3. The plants need soil and food,they need plenty of water…

  2. 1.It will have some roots and It needs lots water and soil And sunlight.
    2. I think they will grow the same.
    3. Water ,air sunlight,soil,roots.

  3. 1. I think the seeds will start growing .
    2. I don’t think they will plant the same .
    beacause they might be different.
    3. Plants need air,soil,water,sunlight.

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