1 Blue Science Investigators!

In Science this half term we are learning about ‘Materials’.  We have been identifying the properties of different materials and investigating their uses.


Today we were Science Investigators and we investigated ‘How stretchy socks are’.


We know that socks are made from fabric and that fabric can be elastic and flexible. This means that fabric can stretch and you can bend it.

We made looked at the different socks and made a prediction as to which sock we thought would stretch the most. 

Key Questions:

  1. What happened to the socks?
  2. Did the socks go back to the starting size?
  3. What happened to the material?
  4. Can you describe the properties of the material?
  5. Which sock stretched the most?
  6. Which was the most flexible?


Can you find anything at home that is flexible and that is elastic? Draw a picture and bring it into school.

7 thoughts on “1 Blue Science Investigators!

  1. 1. The socks were streched and measured which was the largest socks.
    2. Yes, the sock go back to normal size.
    3. The materials had gone large.
    4. The materials were very soft and wooly.
    5. The Pink sock strected the most its size was 27cm.
    6. Pink sock was the most flexible than the other socks.

  2. 1) The pink sock stretched the most.
    2) yes the socks went back to its starting size
    3) it stretched.
    4) soft wooly fabric.
    5) The snowflake sock.
    6) The pink sock was the most flexible

  3. 1. We stretched the socks and it became longer.
    2. Yes it go back to starting size.
    3. It retains its size.
    4. Material can be stretched to longer size and it become starting size when we leave it. It is elastic.
    5. Pink socks stretched most.
    6. Pink socks is flexible.

  4. 1) The socks were being stretched.

    2)Yes. When we let go of the sock it went back to starting size.

    3)The material stretched


    5)The pink sock stretched the most.

    6)All of them

    Challenge: Done on paper and I will bring it to school tommorow

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