Class 1 Blue Blog 17-18

1 Blue – Sports Day Groups

Hi 1 Blue, 

See below for your Sports Day Group for this year. You will be required to wear a T-Shirt of your groups colour on the day. 

Sports day for KS1 will be on Thursday 7th June in the MORNING.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to Miss Addie or Mrs T.

Hammad Aatifa Suriyah Sadiq
Arafath Rishi Aaminah Ayaan
Safah Kai Florentine Shuqraan
Bilal Varsha Japji Fatimah
Ismaeel Moosa Abdurrahman Kaila
Mosaver Abdulasiis Nihit Sana
Saee Aysha Sadeen Zaeem
Samanta Jaydon    

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