Year 1 Spring 1 Week 4-Keeping safe in our community whilst having fun!

This week has been all about learning in different ways.  We used our geographical skills to help us find the safest route to Red House Park and then developed our PSHE skills.  We did not let the weather dampen our enthusiam and even went for a Year 1 jog which helped to remove the mud off our footwear and keep us fit.

Please answer the following questions:

1. Which route was the safest?

2. Which route was the quickest?

3.  Never talk to st___________.

15 thoughts on “Year 1 Spring 1 Week 4-Keeping safe in our community whilst having fun!

  1. The safest route is to walk on the pathway and cross the road from the traffic lights. The quickest route was to go through Webster park entrance onto stoney Stanton road and cross the road to the park. Never talk to strangers.

  2. 1. The safest way is to walk on pavement not on the road.
    2. When we come back to school from the park.
    3. Never talk’s to strangers.

  3. The safest way is stay on the pavements and dont cross the road when cars are coming when the traffic lights are red you can go.
    The quickest route was from school to the park.
    You never talk to strangers.

  4. the safest route was the traffic lights kia went down st pauls rd on to stoney stanton rd then across the rd to the park and never talk to strangers

  5. 1.) walking on the pavement and not the road

    2.) the quickest way is on a coach (explained the route names, eg stoney Stanton road)

    3) strangers

  6. 1. Walk on the footpath. Stay away from the kerb. wait for the green man when you cross the road.

    2. We went St Pauls road. Down Stoney Stanton road and crossed the road and into the park.

    3. Never talk to Strangers.

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