1 Blue – Using words to describe.

Today in English the children begun to learn about adjectives. They understood that an adjective is a describing word and can be used to make our sentences more interesting.

Click the picture to watch the video to learn more about adjectives.

Some of the children in 1 Blue went on a hunt around school and thought of adjectives to describe the different objects that they found.

Can you think of an adjective to describe these objects? See if you can put them into a sentence. For example: The shoes are shiny.

18 thoughts on “1 Blue – Using words to describe.

  1. 1.the Castle is big and scary.
    2.the monster is angry.
    3.the rainbow is beautiful and colourful.
    4.the shoes are new and shiny.
    5.the superheroes are kind and powerful.
    6.the teaches are hard working.

  2. The castle is big and giant.
    the monster is angry and scary.
    the rainbow is shiny and colourful.
    the shoes are comfortable.
    the superheros are brave and powerful.
    the teachers are nice.

    • You have thought of great adjectives to describe the different objects. Well done.
      Don’t forget to use a capital letter at the start of each sentence.

  3. The castle is humungous and massive . The monster is very scary . The rainbow is colourful . The shoes are different colours . The superhero’s have special powers . The teacher help us learn .

  4. 1. The castle is big
    2. The monster is frightening .
    3. The rainbow is colourful.
    4. The shoes are rough.
    5. Superheroes are cool!
    6. Teachers are clever and wise.

  5. 1The castle is big
    2 The monster is scary
    3 The rainbow is colourful
    4 The shoes are red
    5 The super hero has a cape
    6 The teacher is kind

    • Think of a word to describe the superhero’s cape Emil. For example…The superhero has a magical cape.
      Don’t forget to use a full stop at the end of each of your sentences.

  6. The castle is big .
    The monster is scary.
    The rainbow is beautiful.
    The shoes are clean.
    The superheroes are cool and strong.
    The teachers are kind and helpful.

  7. 1. The castle is big.
    2. The monster is scary.
    3. The rainbow is colourful.
    4. The shoes are clean and shiny.
    5. The superheroes are strong.
    6. The teachers are kind and amazing.

  8. The castle is huge!
    The monster is tall and hairy.
    The rainbow is colourful.
    The football boots are red, black and white.
    Superheroes are amazing!
    Teachers are smart and lovely 😊

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