1 Red Art Week – Kandinsky

In art week One Red were looking at the famous artist Kandinsky. The children had the opportunity to watch a video about the history of Kandinsky. They learned that Kandinsky was born in Moscow Russia on the 16th of December in 1866. He had a saying and that saying was “everything starts with a dot”. The children used that information and formed a dot on a piece of paper and took their pencil for a walk. They made their own Kandinsky inspired pieces, remembering to colour nicely ensuring they stayed inside the lines. The children have enjoyed looking at Kandinsky’s art work and the ‘Concentric Circles’ to recreate their own circles using paint and oil pastels. Whilst looking at Kandinsky’s pieces of art, the children picked up on some shapes in his painting and we learnt about tessellation using shape. The children were encouraged to create a pattern using tessellation to see what would happen when moving the shape around their sketch books. Lexi said “The triangle has a point at the top of the shape and when you move the triangle around the point moves around the page”.

Can you answer these questions?
1. What type of art is Kandinsky most famous for?
2. Can you name a piece of Kandinsky’s art?
3. Where was Kandinsky born?
4. What was Kandinsky famous for saying?
5. Kandinsky travelled to a lot of places in his life. Can you name them?

8 thoughts on “1 Red Art Week – Kandinsky

  1. I ‘m Happy I can login now Mrs Walker and Miss Addie.
    1. Kandisky famaous for circle .
    2. Concentric circle .
    3. Kandisky born in Mowscow Russia.
    4. Everything starts with a dot.
    5. Unversity school.

  2. Well done Lexi and Armaan for answering all the questions so correctly. It would be really nice to see some more children going on the blog and answering more of the set questions. We had lots of creative fun last week and learnt so much about Kandinsky. I look forward to lots more learning this week with 1Red.

  3. Well done Lexi and Armaan! Make sure that you put a peg on your pictures tomorrow at school and see me for a sticker :-)
    I am very proud of everyone in 1 Red – we had a fantastic art week!

  4. 1. Kandinsky was really famous for circle art.
    2. He drew a picture called Concentric Circles.
    3. Kandinsky was born in Moscow Russia.
    4. Kandinsky always said “everything starts with a dot”.
    5. Kandinsky went to Russia, Germany and France.

  5. Who is Kandinsky?

    1 Kandinsky is famous for Concentric Circles. Hw use a lot of large and small circles.
    2 Kandinksy famous work is Concentric Circles.
    3 Kandinksy was born in 1866.
    4 Kandinksy famous saying was “Everything starts with a dot.”
    5 Kandinksy travelled to russia, and became famous there.

  6. 1Red are super artists! I love this video as it shows all the amazing activities which Miss Addie and Mrs Walker have planned! Well done for having a great time during Art Week 🎨

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