7 thoughts on “1 Red Autumn πŸ‚ walk

  1. Bilal answers are below to the questions above:

    Autumn begins on September.
    He hibernates in autumn. He collects nuts and acorns and he waits for them when they are ready and then he eats them.
    The two foods are pumpkin and sweetcorn.
    Halloween is one of the events celebrated in autumn.

  2. 1 Autumn πŸ‚begins in September .
    2 Squirrel go to collect acorn and nuts.
    3 Pumpkin πŸŽƒand sweetcorn.
    4 Halloween is celebration in Autumn.

  3. Maryum and mummy did this together..
    1/Autumn begins in September.
    2/Squirrels go to collect acorn and nuts . They dig a big hole in the ground to keep there food.
    3/Pumpkins a day sweetcorn are harvested during autumn.
    4/Halloween is celebrated in autumn.

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