1 Red Engineering Week – Day 1!

Welcome back to school everybody!

This week at school we are learning about ENGINEERING! 

An engineer is a person who designs and build specific things to solve problems.

In Year 1 we have been set our very own Engineering Problem to solve this week! Our problem is…

Can you design and build a system that will allow a marble to run from top to bottom in 60 seconds?

We have spent a lot of time exploring marbles today. We worked in teams and used a range of materials to try to make a marble run. We did this to explore how fast marbles run and to research ideas before designing and making our own marble runs later in the week.


3 thoughts on “1 Red Engineering Week – Day 1!

  1. Looks like everyone has lots of ideas. Remember you need to listen to each other and share ideas. Then your work will be even better.

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