1 Red Home Learning Gallery. (Week 2)

Welcome to Home Learning Gallery week 2!! What a great start to a new learning week we have had today. 1 Red have been super busy completing their homework and making us proud once again. Take a look at the brilliant work the children have done today on 11th January 2021. Keep up the great work everyone. We are so proud of you all! 😊🌟👏

Another wonderful home learning day by 1 Red. The children have developed their subtraction skills as well as building up their knowledge about non- fiction text. Take a look at the brilliant work 1 Red did today at home on 12th January 2021.

What a wonderful home learning day 1 Red have had today, building up their subtraction skills and reading non- fiction texts. Take a look at what 1 Red did today on 13th January 2021.

It has been another wonderful home learning day. 1 Red have used their clear and loud voices to speak in present tense to explain what is happening in each picture. Take a look at their lovely speaking skills.

Once again 1 Red have shown that they are the Best! A wonderful home learning day take a look at the brilliant work the children did today on the 15th January 2021.

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  1. Hello i am Maya mum i want to ask how you upload a picture and video i know that Maya did her homework but i dont know how to send photos and videos

    • There is a link on the bottom of the Y1 home learning blogs which says ‘Upload your work here’. We look forward to seeing Maya’s work! 😊

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