1 Red Little Red Riding Hood

1 Red have been learning about the Traditional Tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ this week. They have been thinking about the setting for the story and have used adjectives to describe it. The children worked hard to make their own character puppets both out of card and modelling dough. They also used boxes to make the three main settings from the story.
The children then used this to video and retell the story in their own words. We hope you enjoy their finished video.

6 thoughts on “1 Red Little Red Riding Hood

  1. Little Red Riding Hood:

    I really liked the story about the little red riding hood. it was fantastic and i enjoyed it. I was not scared of the bad wolf.

  2. Wow, 1Red you are magnificent story tellers! I am so proud to hear your beautiful voices and let’s not forget your amazing backgrounds and puppets! I can’t wait to see your learning journey unfold on this blog page. Keep it up 😎

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