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1 Red make jam sandwiches!

1 Red have had great fun making jam sandwiches this week. Take a look at our video and see. We used imperative verbs and time connectives to explain what we did. 

Who can give me an example of an imperative verb? 

4 thoughts on “1 Red make jam sandwiches!

  1. WE need bread,jam,a knife,butter
    first,we get 2 slices of bread
    Next,we put butter on top of the bread
    After,Put jam on the bread
    next,put bread on top of each other
    finally,cut it in half and eat it

  2. First we spread the jam on the bread , next we spread the butter, then we folded
    both of the sides of the bread, after that we cutted it, finally we ate the jam sandwhich.

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