1 Red – Our Year 1 Memories

1 Red have been thinking of their favourite memories in Year 1. They shared their memories with Reception to show them all the fun things that they have been up to this past academic year.

What is your favourite memory 1 Red?

What are you looking forward to doing in Year 1 Reception?




5 responses to “1 Red – Our Year 1 Memories”

  1. Lisa Karan

    Im going to miss you.

  2. Mrs Maher

    I know lots of Reception White are excited about being Year 1 children for many different reasons. This clip shows there is lots of fun to be had.

  3. Lisa Karan

    My favourite merorys is painting.

  4. Chloe Jackson

    Love going to the library to choose a book, I love writing stories because I love doing unicorns orr cats!!!!!!!!!😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠

  5. Head Teacher

    Year 1 are certainly ready for Y2. Their work is great and I know they will be brilliant.

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