1 Red – Science Week 4

This week in Science 1 Red have been exploring their sense of HEARING.

The children listened carefully to a ‘Sound Story’ and worked in mixed ability groups to make up their own different sounds for different parts of the story. Watch our video below and listen carefully to see what sounds you can hear…

Can you write your own sound story?

2 thoughts on “1 Red – Science Week 4

  1. 1 red sound story

    Once upon a time, there was a little boy called John. He was really curious, about the old creapy house on the hill. John walked up the hill, and noticed a rusty old creepy gate. John opened the gate the sound of the gate moving was, arrrrrrrrhh. John walked up the path, the stoney pebbles made a CH, CH, CH CH, as John moved his feet. When reaching the door, he knocked on the door, taap, taap, taap. But it seems no one lives in the house. John turned around and started walking up path again, each time he took a step, the sound of the pebbles go louder and louder, chhh, chhh, chhh, chhh. As the got passed the gate, a loud bang the gate crashed closed, errrrrrrr bang. John looked around and was scared and ran straight home, and promised to never visit the house again.

    The end

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