1 Red-STEAM Challenge

1 Red were remarkable this afternoon. They were given a challenge to:

Stage 1 – Design a kite.

Stage 2 – Make a kite.

Stage 3 – Test the kite.

Stage 4- Evaluate the kite.

Please watch the clip below and then anwer the questions.

  1. What did you use to make your kite?

  2. How did you attach the string to your kite?

  3.  Why did we use the studio?

  4. Whose kite flew the highest?

14 thoughts on “1 Red-STEAM Challenge

  1. 1 I used paper and string.
    2 I made a hole in my kite then tied the string.
    3 because it was raining and we didn’t want to destroy our beautiful kite.
    4 My kite flew the highest.

  2. I used paper and strong to make my kite.
    I made a hole in the kite and put the string through it and used delicate to fix it in place.
    It was really wet and rainy outside so we flew our kites in the studio.
    My kite flew the highest i think.

  3. 1)I use some paper and string.
    2)I made a hole and then I joined the string together.
    3) Because it was raining 🌧 outside.
    4)I think 🤔 it was Tana’s kite
    I enjoyed making the kite .

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