1 Red’s Book Week

This week 1 Red have been studying a book called Eliot Midnight Superhero by Anne Cottringer. We have enjoyed learning so many creative skills such as designing, painting, modelling and speaking skills! We have also learnt about adjectives and we have thought about how we would describe our superheroes, we even created our own superhero identities…but that’s top secret!

Please enjoy our video.


1.What did you enjoy doing this week?

2. Can you use adjectives to describe your own superhero?

8 thoughts on “1 Red’s Book Week

  1. good job and nice acting I know you were in the green room coz the camera was moving I don’t know whoever holed the camera I think It was mrs chahal byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. My superhero has long hair.she has purple and black Cape.
    She has invisible powers,she can fly really high.
    She is super fast and strong.

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