1 Red’s Second Zoom meeting!

Hello my lovelies in 1 Red! I have some fantastic news! We are going to be having a second ZOOM call tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1pm!! How exciting, I cannot wait to see all your lovely faces! Here’s what you need to do to join us! 🀩

First ask your grown ups to help you download the ZOOM app on your ipads/tablets/phones. Or if you are using a laptop you can just use the website, https://zoom.us/ The details of the meeting will be available on our blog at 12:50pm tomorrow. You will be asked to type in the Meeting ID and Password.

We hope that you can join us! 😊

6 thoughts on “1 Red’s Second Zoom meeting!

  1. Mrs Carter .
    Hello my lovely I am so happy to see you in Zoom’s meeting with my friends.

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