1 white art week

We have had such a fantastic week learning about Picasso and the colourful, abstract art he created.

Watch our video to see the incredible work we have made!



What did you enjoy the most during art week?

Tell me something interesting you learnt about Picasso.


5 thoughts on “1 white art week

  1. I enjoyed painting when I was doing display work. I liked looking at the different paintings and drawings of Pablo Picasso. Also I enjoyed sticking the parts of a face in a funny way!

  2. What an amazing video that encapsulates fun and exciting learning 1White! I was smiling throughout 😀 Muhammed your writing about Pablo Picasso is superb! Well done 🎨 I miss you all very much and hopefully will see you soon. Continue being superstars 🌟🌟🌟

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