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1 White Maths- To find equal groups.

Today we were learnt the vocabulary equal and unequal. We worked individually and as groups to make equal groups using a range of materials. Please watch below to see how we got on.

Today in school we had 27 children. How many equal groups of 3, 5 and 10 , did we make from 27?


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  1. I tried this at home.
    There are 2 groups of 10 in 27 with 7 left over.
    There are 5 groups of 5 in 27 with 2 left over.
    There are 9 equal groups in 27.

  2. Wen we did 3 there was not enough children.
    Then we did 5 grout there were not enough children.
    After we did 5 grout then we mad 10 grout but there were not enough children.