1 White- To order toys in chronological order

In year 1 we have place toys in chronological order. Some children had the opportunity to create a museum and talk about the order in which the toys were made. Please watch the video below to see how we got on.

Challenge :

What is the difference between the new toys and the old toys?

Which toys do you prefer, the old or the new and why?


  1. Which toys do you prefer the old or new and why
    old toys were usually made from materials such as wood metal glass and
    fabric new toys are usually made from plastic. Lots of old and new
    toys can move in some way. This would make small wheels or gears inside
    the toy turn and make the toy move.

  2. What difference between the new and old
    The difference between new and old.
    When used as nouns new means things that are new whereas old means people who are old. When used as adjectives
    new means recently made or created whereas old means of an object
    concept relationship etc having existed for a relatively long period of time.

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