1 Whites Well-being day!

What an awesome day! This was our last well-being day with you all this year. It has been such a pleasure having you and we have had lots of fun. I hope you have had an awesome year, because we have loved working with you all, every single day. We will truly miss you all. Watch below to see how we got on!

What was your favourite activity?

Can you think of a message, to say to someone to put a smile on their face?


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  1. My favourite activity was when we did a jigsaw puzzle and puppet show.
    My message is miss Smith is very friendly and always is smiling and sidra is a smart girl and uses clever words when she is writing and she is friendly too.

  2. My favourite activity on well being day was that puzzle 🧩 because me and my friends finished it and they were all screaming and I found the last part and found the missing parts .
    I would say to them would you like to be my friend and would you like to play or say hello this is your first day so my advice would be always be happy never give up and always be happy and be kind to everyone and you will get some respect from someone .🌸❤️😄😁