Y2 PSHE 10.06.20 – To identify achievements I am proud of

Every single one of you should be proud of all your achievements this year!✨✨🎈🎈

What are you especially proud of? Did think something was tricky but persevered and now you are an expert? Have you created a piece of art or construction that you are extremely proud of? Perhaps you have created a video in which you have spoken clearly and used intonation? Sometimes you can be proud of more than one achievement.

Today, I would like you to write a sentence in the comment section below, explaining what you think your greatest achievement has been in Y2 and then I would like you to create a tree. Make your tree at least A3 size. It can be 3d if you prefer. Don’t draw the leaves please. You are going to create and stick these on.

Now, I would like you to cut out and colour or decorate 5 leaves. Make sure that your leaves are quite big so that you have enough room to label them. If you make them big enough, you can draw some pictures of your achievements on them too. Write some key words to explain what you have achieved. For example, you could write ‘solved maths problems’, or ‘followed instructions’.

Stick them on your tree and keep it in a safe place. We will use it again next week. Please send a photo of your creations to: y2upload@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk

65 thoughts on “Y2 PSHE 10.06.20 – To identify achievements I am proud of

  1. My biggest improvement in year 2 is maths and learning how to draw better with the help of Draw with Rob which is a lot of fun to do. Thank you Mr Gordon and thank you Rob πŸ˜‡

  2. I am proud of my art skill. My greatest achievement has been in year 2 when I write sales pitch of my product and record it.
    I will make my achievement tree and send pic.

  3. My greatest achievement is Science because I know how to plant a flower. My other achievements are,
    I have learnt a lot about Fantastic Mr Fox.
    Learning fractions.
    Completing every work given by my teachers.
    In Topic I learnt a lot about Islam, Christianity and other Religions.

    • Hudayifah, If you don’t have any material to make a 3D one, could you draw/paint one on A3 paper?
      Then you can add your leaves to it.
      What have you done this year that makes you feel proud?

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