12.05.20 Year 1 Orange and Red group.

Hello Year 1 children. Today I would like you to watch the story and answer the questions. Remember your capital letters and full stops in all the right places.If you don’t know the answer to the question just watch the story again.

1) what is the story called?

2) What was the little boys name?

3) What did the mouse want to take to school?

4) What did mouse put in his lunchbox for a snack?

5) What colour t-shirt was the little boy wearing?

6) What did mouse like to do when he was happy?

7) How was the mouse feeling when he arrived at school?

8) What was the name of Oliver’s teacher?

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  1. 1) The story is called you give a mouse a cookie.
    2) The little boy’s name is Oliver.
    3)The mouse wanted to take a lunchbox.
    4)The mouse put a cookie in his lunchbox for a snack.
    5)He was wearing a orange t-shirt.
    6)He liked to sing.
    7) He was feeling sad.
    8)Her name is mrs Jenkins.

  2. The story name is if you give a mouse a cookie.
    The boy name is Oliver.
    Mouse want take a lunch box to the school.
    The mouse wants take a cookie for the snack.
    He ware orange t shart.
    The mouse singing when she feel happy .
    The mouse felt scared.
    The teacher name is miss jainken.

    • Super Anish,well done.Remember a persons name needs a capital letter.So Miss Jenkins is a persons name and starts with a capital letter.😊

  3. 1) -The story is called..IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE..
    2) -The boy`s name Oliver.
    3) -The mouse wanted a cookie.
    4) -The mouse put a cookie in the bag.
    5) -The boy was wearing an orange T- shirt.
    6) -Fortunately the mouse dance and sings.
    7)-The mouse was scared and agitated when he arrived at school.
    8)-The teacher`s name is Jenkins.

    • Well done Ianis ,great work.You forgot the Miss in front of Jenkins.Jenkins is her surname, so you must put Miss or Mrs in front of that.😊

  4. The story name is If you give a Mouse a Cookies.
    The boys name is Oliver.
    The mouse wanted to take lunch box.
    A cookie inside lunch box.
    Oliver wears orange t shirt
    Mouse like to sing
    Abit nervous and scared mouse is.
    Miss jainkins teacher name.

    • Alinna can you please write your answers in full sentences and there were 8 questions to answer. (For example)
      Q5)The little boy was wearing an orange t-shirt.

      • Story name is if you give Mouse a Cookie
        The boys name is Oliver
        The mouse wanted to take lunch box.
        He wanted a cookie.
        Oliver wearing orange t short
        Mouse likes to sing
        Mouse feelings scared and nervous
        Teacher name is miss jaynkins

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