13.01.21 Year 4 English Home Learning

Good morning everyone!

Wednesday 13th January 2021

To generate descriptive vocabulary.

To use descriptive vocabulary.

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4 Red: Inaaya, Naimol, Murad, Shaikh, Zahra, Hasti, Zainab and Sumayyah

4 Blue: Meher, Shuqran, Samanta and Abdulassis

4 White: Asim, Abdul, Emma, Sara, Taha, Abraham and Khairy

The following work is for all other children.


Write descriptive sentences using expanded noun phrases.


Write descriptive sentences using expanded noun phrases AND similes.


Write descriptive sentences using expanded noun phrases, similes AND metaphors.


Expanded noun phrases:

The tall, dark spire stood majestically in the distance.

The crimson, red shop door was shut tight.



The street lamp glistened like a warm, yellow ball of light.


The engines of the aeroplanes were fierce lion roars.

The puddles in the street were mirrors reflecting the skyline.


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  1. Bronze:

    Looking out of the window, through the thick, dark fog, I couldn’t see the buildings over the road.

    I could however see the bright, shiny light of the street lights glowing through the fog.

    In the distance I could hear cars honking their horns very loudly, shocking my ears.

    • Well done for going back and completing earlier blogs Kevin! – make sure you write a couple of example sentences in your book to keep practising your handwriting.

  2. The tall buildings standed still like a tree.
    The blowing crashing wind blowed amazingly.
    The people ran fast majestically.
    The lights were turned of quietly.

    • Well done for giving this a try Abdulasiis.
      Does wind blow amazingly?
      Make sure you check some of your spellings. Also, I can see you have tried to use adverbs, but be mindful to choose adverbs that fit well in the sentence.

    • Please refresh the page and try to watch again Abdulasiis. I don’t think the blog is too busy because most children have already completed their work today. If it is really not working, have a go at the bronze task. See if you can use the words: destroyed, splintered, sooty, devastated to describe the photo.

  3. starter
    1 and 2 go together
    2 and 3 go together
    3 and 1 go together
    The small sullied wind was shattered.
    the street lights shone like a firefly

  4. Bronze
    The houses were really dark,shabby and broken after the dangerous and long ww2.
    The dirty ,black and dark windows were cracked.
    The tram was as quiet as arouse.
    The trees without leaves were as scary as they were haunted.

    • Where is the rest of your work Ismaeel? Please can you share to the upload link?
      Good use of adjectives and simile.
      Share something you have learnt from today’s English home learning.

  5. Bronze

    In the distance stood delapidated, derelict buildings.
    The streets were silent and sinister.
    Once busy Picture Houses stood dark and empty.
    Houses had smashed, shattered windows.
    The night sky was dark and gloomy.
    People took shelter in the cold, damp, uncomfortable air-raid shelters.


    The Trams were as slow as a caterpillar crawling along a green, crisp leaf.
    The resonating siren was as loud as a lions roar.
    The family ran for their lives, like the howling wind on a dark, stormy night.


    Terrified, anxious people, quickly and purposefully flee to a place of safety like a flash of lightning.
    The feared and noisy Spitfires flew through the dark, night sky, illuminating the city below it like the brightest candle in the darkest room.

    • Good use of adjectives Kaila. You have even used alliteration, well done!
      Double check your use of commas, as you have missed some out.
      I like your chosen similes. I really enjoyed reading this.
      Please make sure you complete today’s Maths learning. Thank you!

    • Great descriptive sentences Kaila! I love the word ‘dilapidated’! You have some good sentences to use in your story, well done!

    • Well done Saee, you have thought carefully about appropriate language for each word class. Some great descriptive sentences to use in your story!

  6. Gold:
    Write descriptive sentences using expanded noun phrases, similes AND metaphors.

    sentences with expanded noun phrases.
    The immense, dry tree stood strangely on it’s shadow.
    The shattered, terraced houses are becoming rusty, old and not suitable for living.

    sentences with similes
    The people are astonished like somebody who received bad news.
    The road is dirty like a pig yard full of mud.

    sentences with Metaphors
    The street is a trash bin.
    The house is a fish tank.

    • Did you complete Silver challenge Sadeen?
      You have shown clear understanding of today’s task, well done!
      However, this sentence could be improved, as it does not make sense.
      ‘The people are astonished like somebody who received bad news’.
      What do you mean by this sentence?
      It would make more sense to write: ‘People were astonished, like they had just received some terrible news’.
      Good use of metaphors.
      Please share your work to the upload link.

  7. Expanded noun phrases:
    The tall, dark spire stood majestically in the distance.
    A. The shattered ,broken Windows were cracked.
    B. The old empty tree stood there creeply.
    C. The splintery old wood was scattered around the ground.
    Similes\Expanded noun phrases:
    A. The tall huge spire stood there like a statue
    The engines of the broken rusty aeroplanes were working as fierce lion roars.
    Th shiny dirty puddles in the street were like mirrors reflecting the skyline.

    • Well done Serina. You have understood expanded noun phrases well.
      Make sure you check that you are using capital letters in the right place. They are only needed at the start of a sentence, not in the middle of one.
      Rather than stood still, could you explain how it stood? Challenge yourself with your use of description and detail.
      For Gold, I am glad you gave it a go but this could be improved.
      ‘The’, not ‘Th’. Good use of adjectives to describe the puddles in the street. I like how you have used a simile to make comparisons.
      Make sure you include commas where needed, as some of your sentences are quite long.

    • Great Serina! Some great language choices. I think you mean the adjective ‘splintered’. The splintered, old wood was scattered on the ground.

  8. Bronze
    The dark,gloomy cars rushing down the sharp, distingued concrete
    and the remains of dark,gooy ink coulour of houses that go for miles without end

  9. Starter:
    Sentence 1 with 2
    Sentence 2 with 3
    Sentence 3 with 1
    A. Shattered, dark, scary, broken, old
    B. Surrounded, crowded, lonely, cold
    C. Vast, damaged, destroyed, endless
    D. Safe, small, damp
    A small, quiet tram waited in the open
    An old, broken house stood steady
    A small quiet tram waited in the open as quiet as a mouse
    An old broken house to stood steady like walls
    A small quiet tramways in the open as quiet as a mouse but was desperate
    Old broken house to study like walls but always feel the pain from the bombs

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