2W 13.05.20 Communities

To identify similarities and differences

We have been learning about the communities that we belong to. In the video below, although the children live on different sides of the world, some of the communities that they live in are similar. Watch the video closely and then write a list of the communities that the children belong to. They could belong to a school community, home community or City community. Remember, you can belong to more than one community.

Do they belong to any similar communities? Do they belong to any different communities? How are they different? Write your answers in the comments section below please.


Challenge: Do you belong to any similar communities to the children in the video? Create a poster with drawings of them and label. Please send it in as I would love to see it and put it on our gallery!

27 thoughts on “2W 13.05.20 Communities

  1. They have tall buildings and busy shopping centres and they also go to church and mosque where they pray and meet there friends.They do have similar communities.

  2. They are similar by Birmingham is a bit like Johannsburg because they both take big part of land .
    They are different by they live in different city’s and they are different by one they live in England and the other one they live in Johannesburg .
    They are similar by Birmingham and Johannesburg is not busy .

  3. 1.They don’t belong to the same community.
    2.They are different because they are in different countries and also some stuff are not the same as other stuff.

  4. South Africa is a bit the same as Birmingham because they both have long bill dings.I belong in city community,school community,Coventry community and England community.

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